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LC8 Rally Western Alps

Let’s meet the 1st week of July 2019 at Camping Gran Bosco Salbertrand, Susa Valley, Piedmont, between Turin and Grenoble, 34 km from Briançon.

Creating OpenStreetMap POIs with FAQ : How can I add a new place to the map Tip to the place to create it. Choose the desired POI type, i.e Motorcycle shop Add details like contact data More detailed editing is possible with OsmAnd. For full functionality, edit it with a browser on your PC, Laptop or Tablet. You…

Ad hoc automated route planning

With you may either pick points to create the most curvy route or use the “roundtrip” generator : Don’t miss the dealer POIs : Based on OpenStreetMap data, similar posts : KTM dealer download Motorcycle friendly accommodations

Motorcycle friendly accommodations

Recently, a new key has been introduced to OpenStreetMap to mark accomodations either as : motorcycle_friendly yes                    (if there are special offers for bikers) customary       (nothing special, but nice) no                     (if they are barely accepted) Using OpenStreetMap : The mobile (offline navigation) app OsmAnd is currently implementing this as a POI. With the same app,…

For newcomers

Silencer System
Refueling Station
Bib “Braaap”

KTM Logo lights

For your Christmas party ? Part no. 3PW1576800 | ~ 10 €

Hazet “Smartcase” 856-1 | 18 x 10 x 5 cm

Nice toolset , test winner in the German magazine “Motorrad” ~ 130 € 6-point socket 850-5.5 ∙ 850-6 ∙ 850-7 ∙ 850-8 ∙ 850-9 ∙ 850-10 ∙ 850-11 ∙ 850-12 ∙ 850-13 ∙ 850-14 Reversible ratchet 863P Spin type speeder 866U Extension 867-2 ∙ 867-4 Universal joint 869 Bit 2204-3 ∙ 2204-4 ∙ 2204-5 ∙…